From The President

Dear Community Member,

On behalf of the Santa Paula Police Officers' Association, I would like to welcome you to the official website for the Santa Paula Police Officers' Association. The Santa Paula Police Officers' Association (SPPOA) has been in existence for over 25 years. Since my election as president in January 2016, I have continued our organization’s long-standing traditions and presence among our membership and the community we serve.

One of our organization’s responsibilities is to protect and promote comradery among our membership. It has been my pleasure to serve with our current and past boards who work tirelessly to complete our mission goals. Together, as a team, we are moving into a new age of information sharing and this website is just the first step.

This website has many uses, but most importantly it keeps the public and our members up to date and informed. We have always needed a way to increase our communication between the SPPOA board, the membership, and the community we serve. With this site, we can also let the members and the general public know what is happening within the police department and information about our Association.

Our Association supports many charitable organizations as well as department related activities our members are involved in. Our contributions have included the Santa Paula Little League, High School Sports Clubs, Youth Programs, Senior Citizens Groups, Scholarships and many more. These are just a few of the charitable organizations we help throughout the year.

Our Association is involved with local politics as it relates directly to our members, their best interests and, most especially, the public's interests. We support legislation that makes it easier, safer or better for law enforcement personnel to do their jobs and to keep the public as safe as possible. We also oppose legislation that may have a negative impact on law enforcement.

We want our City, its business, community and neighbors to thrive and grow. We realize the only way to achieve this is by having the most highly motivated, well trained and properly staffed police department to watch over our City. We are in this together. The SPPOA leadership team is here to serve you. We will never hesitate to be transparent with regards to our strategy and daily operations. We will always work hard for you and your support will carry us through the challenges we face on and off duty.

As president of the SPPOA, I am committed to serving our membership and our community. It is our goal to build and maintain positive relationships with local, state, and federal elected officials as well as community leaders, to promote esprit de corps among our members and give a voice to the police officers and dispatchers who serve the city of Santa Paula every day.

Best Regards,

Dan McCarthy - President
Santa Paula Police Officers' Association

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